About Us

About MotiveX Cardhaus

MotiveX Cardhaus was created to provide a community platform for Pokemon collectors and hobbyists to be united by their passion for collecting Pokemon cards.

Pokemon TCG has been a timeless card game spanning over decades, attracting people of all ages and our purpose is to bring Trainers together, to make collecting Pokemon cards more FUN as the MotiveX Cardhaus community continues to expand!

Behind the creation of MotiveX Cardhaus

For the founder of MotiveX Cardhaus, Pokemon TCG is like an abstract time portal. They bring him back to the old and carefree days of Primary school, transporting him back to the good memories of having to save up his precious lunch money, then rushing to the nearby local card shops after school to buy a couple of booster packs to collect and play.

As time passed, his favourite cards bring back a sense of nostalgia, which he is sure many can relate to.

With the hype of Pokemon Cards making a comeback and the realisation that there are still many people out there of all ages and genders who are still interested in the cards, MotiveX Cardhaus was created to keep the enthusiasm of the Pokemon community alive, to bridge the gap between the new generation, while maintaining the value of old vintage classic cards.

We gladly welcome you to join us and vibe with the community today!